Do your living areas always provide a comfortable spot for all your family member?

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If you are a wanna-be homesteader I’m sure you have read many books that tell you that if you move into a rural area you can make your garden/farm/homestead pay. However, if you do manage to accomplish this your homestead is no longer be the refuge that you had hoped it to be.

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Preventing Frostbite On Chickens

When temperatures drop to freezing, your chickens are prone to frostbite.

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Got a massive sweet-tooth? Now you can satisfy it and still stay healthy! These recipes are designed for diabetics,but will satisfy every member of the family..  To get these free downloadable recipes all you need to do is fill out basic info and take a short survey, at the bottom of each survey you can […]

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Pumpkin Pudding

You will get rave reviews on this attractive creamy and smooth pumpkin pudding. It taste as good as it looks. Print Pumpkin Pudding   * Butternut squash can be a good substitute for pumpkin if you have a surplus. Ingredients 29 oz can pumpkin 1-1/2 cups sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1-1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice […]

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Swiss-Style Greenbean Casserole

Looking for something a wee-bit different from the traditional green-bean casserole with french-fried onions, try this unique tasty Swiss-Style Green bean Casserole made with Swiss-cheese and topped with a layer of crushed cornflakes. Print Swiss-Style Greenbean Casserole Cook time:  20 mins Total time:  20 mins   Looking for something a wee-bit different from the traditional […]

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Leftover Stuffing Made Into Meatball Heros

Looking for creative ideas to use up your extra surplus of thanksgiving stuffing, why not treat your family to these Meatball Heros made from leftover stuffing. Don’t have leftover stuffing….substitute it with your favorite  box of prepared stuffing. Print Meatball Hero’s made from leftover stuffing mix Cook time:  12 mins Total time:  12 mins Serves: 4 […]

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How Prepared Are You For Emergencies?

 How prepared are you in the event of an emergency? Preparing ahead of time will bring you a sense of relief and also give you a feeling of empowerment.We know that emergencies/disasters affect everyone, they often strike without any warning and no one is immune. Emergencies can come in all forms, automobile accidents, man-made, natural […]

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Pumpkin Roll Pops

Nothing says fall more than a wonderful pumpkin dessert! This would be a great dessert to get your children involved in. Print Pumpkin Roll Pops Prep time:  24 hours Cook time:  25 mins Total time:  24 hours 25 mins Serves: 4 dozen   Ingredients Cake 3 eggs 1-1/2 cup sugars 1 cup pumpkin ¾ teaspoon cinnamon […]

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What Is The Best Fencing For Your Poultry?

By far, I think that electrical fencing is one of the best fencing options available. It has been extremely helpful to us and has eliminated ground predator attacks. If you ever had to camp out in your chicken coop at night, shotgun ready, I’m sure you can relate to this. We’ve had trouble with coons, […]

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